Writing can be tough, so here’s some things I do to avoid getting bogged down when in a creative mode:

  1. Avoid the blank page! Nobody wants to look at a blank page and feel its dreadful power. Take pieces or images as they come to you and put them into one document. Then, when you feel inspired, start writing with the piece you already have. A simple copy-and-paste and there is no blank page or questions of where to start.
  2. Think small! What are little details about your writing subject that stand out to you? Focus on those little ideas…

For the intent and purpose of snooping, Instagram is an excellent place. A person can find practically anything they want to know through followers, followers of followers, and so on down the highly elaborate parade of celebrities, cottage core decor, and short clips linking you to Tik Tok. Every nosey human will dive into this platform looking for people they haven’t seen in years, and every nosey human will come out slightly disappointed their life isn’t as cool as the other person’s life seems. I am wholeheartedly that nosey human, and that dark drive to know everything drove me to…

Gideon Moore

Poet and writer from Oklahoma. He/Him.

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